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Perodua Bezza Pinned File Perodua Bezza : The Perodua Bezza is a four-door sedan produced by Malaysian automobile manufacturer, Perodua. It was launched on 21 July as a sedan counterpart to the 5-door Axia. The Bezza is the second model to début from Perodua's all-new second factory in Rawang, Selangor. The name ‘Bezza’, which is pronounced ‘bez-za’ is derived from the Malay word beza which means different. The letters ‘zz’ in ‘Bezza’ represents the number 22, as it was launched in Perodua's 22nd year in business. The Bezza is an in-house effort with 95% local content, and took RM300 million to develop. There is no equivalent Daihatsu or Toyota model at launch time. It is the first Perodua to come with the Electronic Stability Control safety feature. (1.50 MB) 08-08-2016 130 6
Hafizh Syahrin #PESCAO55 Pinned File Hafizh Syahrin #PESCAO55 : Hafizh Syahrin was born on 5 May 1994 in Selangor, Malaysia, and grew up in Selangor. He began his career at the age of 9, in pocket bikes; he eventually acquired the nickname "King of Pocket Bikes", when he was discovered by team manager Barry Leong purely by chance. It was not long before his talent began to show after his racing debut on pocket bikes the following year. Dominating the pocket bike category soon after, he was discovered by Leong at one of the pocket bike tracks. (Sumber : Wikipedia) (1.16 MB) 10-31-2015 231 0
Perodua Axia 3D Pinned File Perodua Axia 3D : The Perodua Axia is a five-door hatchback produced by Malaysian automobile manufacturer, Perodua. It was launched on 15 September as the successor to the Perodua Viva. The car takes over the title of being the most affordable car in Malaysia from the Perodua Viva. The Axia is the first model to début from Perodua's all-new second factory in Rawang, Selangor. The name ‘Axia’, which is pronounced ‘a-zee-a’ or ‘A-xia’, is derived from the word Asia. The letter ‘x’ in ‘Axia’ also represents the number ten, as the Axia is Perodua's tenth model. (2.88 MB) 08-29-2015 276 1
Konsortium Bas Ekspres Pinned File Konsortium Bas Ekspres : Konsortium Bas Ekspres Semenanjung (KBES) – a very popular choice of express bus among Malaysians travelling within Malaysia. This company has been in the transport industry for more than 20 years and has served millions of passengers to their desired destinations. Konsortium Bas Ekspres Semenanjung (KBES) has also established themselves as one of the leading express bus operator in the nation. For now, KBES is operating more than 200 quality coaches and lots more are being added to the list. Konsortium offers express buses from KL, Penang, Ipoh and heaps more to various destinations. Konsortium Bas Ekspres Semenanjung offers services to all major cities and towns in Peninsular of Malaysia as well as Hatyai, Thailand in the north and Singapore in the south. (203.2 KB) 03-02-2015 45 0
Zulfahmi 63 Pinned File Zulfahmi 63 : Zulfahmi 63 - Pelumba Moto3 (113.3 KB) 01-03-2015 69 0
LB Works Pinned File LB Works : LB Works - Liberty Walk LB Performance (1.09 MB) 01-03-2015 310 0
Honda Winner Honda Winner : The Honda Winner is an underbone motorcycle from the Japanese manufacturer Honda. It was launched ot date of 7 April 2016 in Vietnam. On 13 June 2016, the bike was launched in Malaysia as the RS150R Honda Vietnam (HVN) has unveiled the latest 2020 Honda Winner X Sport ABS for their local market. The new model represents the success of the model in the country after only eight months since the first model was introduced and more than 114,000 units sold. The new 2020 Honda Winner X Sport ABS comes with a variety of colour options from Sport to Track versions (we’re assuming that they’re referring to the HRC colours, not an actual track version of the 150cc cub) priced from 48,990,000 VND (around RM9,124 after direct conversion). Don’t be fooled by the new name as the previous Winner X was already offered with front ABS as one of the options for the model. The 2020 Honda Winner X Sport ABS showcases new desig ... [more] (682.7 KB) 03-23-2021 45 0
Honda F1 Racing Honda F1 Racing : Honda has participated in Formula One, as an engine manufacturer and team owner, for various periods since 1964. Honda's involvement in Formula One began with the 1964 season, and in 1965 they achieved their first victory at the Mexican Grand Prix. After further success with John Surtees, Honda withdrew at the end of the 1968 season due to difficulties selling road cars in the United States and Honda driver Jo Schlesser's fatal accident.[3] Honda returned in 1983 as an engine manufacturer, which started a very successful period for the company. After winning races in 1984 and 1985, Honda won the Constructors' Championship every year between 1986 and 1991 with Williams and McLaren, and the Drivers' Championship every year from 1987 to 1991 with Nelson Piquet, Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost. Honda withdrew at the end of 1992 after having achieved their targets and suffering the burst of the Japanese asset price ... [more] (42.2 KB) 03-06-2021 15 1
Tune Boss Tune Boss : (71.0 KB) 02-21-2020 41 0
Maraliner Maraliner : (145.1 KB) 01-09-2020 58 0
Racing Boy Racing Boy : (56.1 KB) 08-29-2019 149 1
PETRONAS Yamaha SRT PETRONAS Yamaha SRT : 2 versions - colors & invert colors, 2 color modes - RGB & CMYK, File type: Zip . (168.3 KB) 04-02-2019 442 0
Red Bull KTM Tech3 Red Bull KTM Tech3 : File type: Zip (71.4 KB) 04-02-2019 88 0
LCR Honda LCR Honda : File type: Zip (474.4 KB) 04-02-2019 68 0
Pramac Racing Pramac Racing : File type: Zip (461.8 KB) 04-02-2019 56 0
Reale Avintia Racing Reale Avintia Racing : File type: Zip (51.9 KB) 04-02-2019 49 0
Aprilia Racing Team Gresini Aprilia Racing Team Gresini : File type: Zip (476.5 KB) 04-02-2019 204 10
Red Bull KTM Factory Racing Red Bull KTM Factory Racing : File type: Zip (73.1 KB) 04-02-2019 263 0
Monster Energy Yamaha MotoGP Monster Energy Yamaha MotoGP : File type: Zip (356.4 KB) 04-02-2019 229 1
Team SUZUKI ECSTAR Team SUZUKI ECSTAR : File type: Zip (32.2 KB) 04-02-2019 217 0
Mission Winnow Ducati Mission Winnow Ducati : File type: Zip (33.8 KB) 04-02-2019 76 1
Repsol Honda Team Repsol Honda Team : File type: Zip . (535.6 KB) 04-02-2019 113 0
Corsa Tire Corsa Tire : (1.06 MB) 02-13-2019 155 0
MotoGP MotoGP : (90.8 KB) 11-03-2018 34 0
Lebuhraya Kajang Seremban - LEKAS Lebuhraya Kajang Seremban - LEKAS : (168.1 KB) 03-31-2018 54 0
Grab Grab : File: RAR (588.9 KB) 11-29-2017 89 0
Formula 1 (2018) Formula 1 (2018) : (43.8 KB) 11-28-2017 26 0
Mercedes AMG Petronas 2017 Mercedes AMG Petronas 2017 : • Mercedes AMG Petronas Motorsport 2017 (2 version, white & black bckgrd) ... • Mercedes AMG Petronas Formula One Team 2017 (2 version, white & black bckgrd) download all 4 vector logos in RAR file.. Login (or register) first prior to download (824.7 KB) 04-19-2017 996 1
PROTON MONOCHROME PROTON MONOCHROME : PROTON Holdings Berhad, is a Malaysia-based corporation active in automobile design, manufacturing, distribution and sales. Proton was established in 1983 as the sole national badged car company. (1.19 MB) 02-27-2017 360 0
46 The Doctor 46 The Doctor : 46 The Doctor (30.8 KB) 10-30-2015 23 0
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