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Munchys Munchys : (86.0 KB) 02-27-2013 52
Syarikat Air Johor Holdings JAS Syarikat Air Johor Holdings JAS : (880.0 KB) 12-03-2012 539
Restoran Ibrahim Maju Restoran Ibrahim Maju : (Unknown Size) 11-21-2012 57
Hospital Pulau Pinang Hospital Pulau Pinang : (974.6 KB) 11-19-2012 250
K-LINK K-LINK : K-LINK INTERNATIONAL SDN. BHD. memulakan operasinya pada tahun 2000. Syarikat kami bermula dengan agak sederhana iaitu dengan menawarkan hanya beberapa produk sahaja kepada pengguna. Walaupun begitu, operasi K-Link International berjalan lancar dengan memberikan fokus pada produk yang bermutu dan berkualiti. Ianya ternyata membawa rahmat. Sejak dari hari pertama lagi, Syarikat kami mendapat sambutan yang menggalakkan daripada para pengguna. website : (920.8 KB) 11-17-2012 82
YPJ Holdings Sdn Bhd YPJ Holdings Sdn Bhd : Logo YPJ Holdings Sdn. Bhd. (YPJH) melambangkan satu revolusi aktiviti komersil syarikat dengan lima sektor korporat. Sektor perladangan, hartanah, pelancongan, pelaburan dan pengurusan dilambangkan oleh simbol kedua-dua tangan bersambung dan menyokong secara kukuhnya perkataan YPJ. Perkataan YPJ yang berwarna emas membawa maksud satu perkongsian falsafah di atas nilai tahap pengurusan yang tinggi serta komitmen para pekerja dalam mewujudkan kekuatan dan idea demi keunggulan organisasi serta syarikat-syarikat dalam kumpulan YPJ. (914.5 KB) 11-14-2012 70
Big Apple Big Apple : (129.1 KB) 11-03-2012 94
Citamas Citamas : Syarikat makanan ringan tradisi Malaysia berasaskan makanan pantai timur. "Citarasa Tradisi Pantai Timur" (994.3 KB) 10-06-2012 40
gloria jeans coffee gloria jeans coffee : mana mana yang tak reti trace logo...aku tolong trace kan.. (1.01 MB) 09-03-2012 101
Glomac Damansara Glomac Damansara : trace request from cikahmad (182.3 KB) 06-10-2012 56
Jimah Energy Ventures official logo Jimah Energy Ventures official logo : Ini adalah logo rasmi bagi syarikat Jimah Energy Ventures Sdn. Bhd., sebuah syarikat penjana tenaga bebas. (23.7 KB) 04-15-2012 58
Safeguards Securicor Safeguards Securicor : (69.7 KB) 04-07-2012 112
PappaRich PappaRich : (64.9 KB) 03-17-2012 150
Philip Morris International Philip Morris International : (172.1 KB) 03-06-2012 59
YTL Corporation Berhad YTL Corporation Berhad : updated (30.5 KB) 03-05-2012 79
Focus Point Focus Point : (74.1 KB) 03-05-2012 76
Mercu Optometry Mercu Optometry : (903.1 KB) 03-05-2012 38
Ayam Dindings Ayam Dindings : (159.6 KB) 02-16-2012 70
Muda Holdings Berhad Muda Holdings Berhad : (935.6 KB) 12-23-2011 42
Vivo Global Vivo Global :  (1.04 MB) 12-23-2011 34
Dulux Dulux : (999.1 KB) 12-22-2011 294
Cisco System Cisco System : Cisco Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: CSCO) is an American multinational corporation headquartered in San Jose, California, United States, that designs and sells consumer electronics, networking, voice, and communications technology and services. Cisco has more than 60,000 employees and annual revenue of US$ 40.0 billion as of 2010. The stock was added to the Dow Jones Industrial Average on June 8, 2009, and is also included in the S&P 500 Index, the Russell 1000 Index, NASDAQ 100 Index and the Russell 1000 Growth Stock Index. (138.7 KB) 12-21-2011 48
Lam Soon Lam Soon : Lam Soon Malaysia began operation in 1958 milling and refining copra. The oil extracted was used to make laundry soap and cooking oil. The earliest branded products then were Axe and Labour, names that stood for the Lam Soon work ethic. From this humble beginning, Lam Soon progressively diversified into the manufacture of toilet soap (under the brand Orchid), margarines and shortening using palm oil as raw material. 1970 saw Lam Soon becoming the pioneer of the palm oil refining industry when it built Malaysia's first oil fractionation plant to manufacture cooking oil. Recognizing the potential of palm oil, Lam Soon moved upstream and established plantations in both East and Peninsular Malaysia Website : (982.4 KB) 12-21-2011 145
Red Wok Restaurant Red Wok Restaurant : (93.2 KB) 12-09-2011 61
Sungei Wang Plaza Sungei Wang Plaza : Sungei Wang Plaza is accessible via monorail at the Imbi or Bukit Bintang monorail station. Other major shopping malls located nearby are Lot 10, Berjaya Times Square, Imbi Plaza, Low Yat Plaza, KL Plaza and Starhill Gallery. These malls are all located in the Golden Triangle area of Kuala Lumpur. Its main anchor tenant is Parkson. Located adjacent to Sungei Wang Plaza is Bukit Bintang Plaza. ... [more] (29.0 KB) 11-29-2011 112
Ramly Ramly : (63.2 KB) 11-25-2011 149
Nutri4cell Nutri4cell :  (1.27 MB) 11-23-2011 38
Tramontina Tramontina : Tramontina invites you to learn a little bit more about its history as a Brazilian company, since 1911. Innovation, design, and technology plus, above all, human resources, laid the foundations for building this company. In Tramontina’s view, people are the most important asset. Thus, it lays stakes its reputation on the expertise of its 6 thousand strong associate team. Respect for differences and diversity are the pride and joy of the trademark which is soundly rooted in the most diverse area, and through each one of its 17 thousand products. (8.5 KB) 11-17-2011 32
Victorinox Victorinox : In 1884, the cutler and businessman Karl Elsener opened a knife manufacturing company in Ibach-Schwyz, in the heart of Switzerland. Over the next 125 years, this evolved into a globally oriented company. (17.0 KB) 11-17-2011 34
Hoover Melamine Hoover Melamine : Since 1969, Hoover Melamine is well-known for its high quality melamine products. We produce melamine product which is odourless and safe to use. Every piece is glazed to make it durable. It does not break easily and is dishwasher safe. Even at temperatures of -20oC and 120oC, there is no discolouration. To cater to the expanding clientele, Hoover Melamine’s operations have grown highly mechanized and sophisticated. To meet varying requirements by our clients, we even customize our products. We also ensure prompt delivery to our clients from South-East Asia, Middle East, United States and Europe. You can be sure to count on Hoover Melamine to meet your needs today and tomorrow. (20.4 KB) 11-17-2011 48
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